Cone Wringer Mop

Make clean-up quick and easy with the everclean Cone Wringer Mop. The Microfiber strips absorb messes and spills while the handle has a comfortable no slip grip. The absorbent head is easily wrung by sliding the winger and twisting. The Mop head is machine washable and can be used over and over. Clean with less effort! Everclean products cleaning tools make any dirty chore easier.

UPC (12-digit): 8 57530 00373 1

Item Length (inches): 56

Item Height  (inches): 3.5

Item Width (inches): 3.5

Item Weight: 1.2


  • Quick and easy mopping
  • Mop head is easily wrung
  • No slip hand grip
  • Easy assemble head
  • Machine washable, extra absorbent mop head