Handsaver Scourer – No Scratch

Tackle those tough scrubbing jobs on coated surfaces while protecting your hands with this Handsaver No Scratch Mesh Scourer. The no-scratch mesh works great on coated pots & pans, and also is effective on grills, ovens, and sinks. The knob handle design gives you a better cleaning grip and protects your hand from the scrubbing mesh. The mesh also holds soap for an easier clean.

UPC (12-digit): 8 57530 00322 9

Item Length (inches): 3.5

Item Height  (inches): 3.75

Item Width (inches): 3.75

Item Weight: 1.2 oz.


  • Safe For Non-Stick Cookware
  • Scrubs Away Tough Stuck-On Foods
  • Ergonomic Grip Keeps Hands Clean