Microfiber Counter Duster

Get a quick clean with this mini-microfiber duster. The natural cleaning powers of the microfiber mitt attract and trap dust. The raised handle design keeps your knuckles safe while dusting, and comes with a soft-touch comfort grip. When you’re done dusting, simply remove the mitt, wash clean, and reuse.

UPC (12-digit): 8 57530 00360 1

Item Length (inches): 13.8

Item Height  (inches): 4.5

Item Width (inches): 2.2

Item Weight: 3.8 oz.


  • Chenille Microfiber Quickly Cleans Tabletops And Counters
  • Microfiber Chenille Adjusts To Clean Contoured Surfaces
  • Head Removable For Laundering
  • Can Be Washed 100’S Of Times