Microfiber Electronics Cloth

This high quality ultra suede, super soft electronics microfiber cloth is designed for dusting and polishing smooth and delicate surfaces such as computer and TV screens. Microfiber has natural cleaning powers.  The ultra smooth cloth is also optimal for dusting to bring out the natural beauty of wood furniture, cabinets, desks, bookshelves and other highly polished surfaces.  The cloth is machine washable 100’s of times.

UPC (12-digit): 8 57530 00375 5

Item Length (inches): 16

Item Height  (inches): 14

Item Width (inches): 0.13

Item Weight: 1.2 oz.


  • Super Soft Suede Finish For Wiping Of Delicate Electronics
  • Cloth Will Not Scratch Delicate Surfaces
  • Can Be Washed 100’S Of Times