Ostrich Feather Duster

Use for dusting contoured, intricate and delicate items.  A convenient feather duster made of 100% natural ostrich feathers. Feathers are gathered in a classic wood handle with a hang-up feature for convenient storage.  Ostrich feathers actually hold dust until shaken out.  Feathers are washable in warm water.

UPC (12-digit): 8 57530 00311 3

Item Length (inches): 13.5

Item Height  (inches): 7

Item Width (inches): 7

Item Weight: 1.9 oz.


  • Natural Ostrich Feathers Grab Dust 
  • Reach To Clean Delicate & Irregular Surfaces
  • Clean Delicate Items Such As Figurines
  • Clean Intricate Items Such As Trophies
  • Washable